Hedströms General Store

Quite literally, you take a step back in time when you enter Hedströms general store. Here you can buy old-fashioned sweets, baskets, special Fredriksdal products and much more. Why not buy a cup of coffee and a cake to enjoy while visiting the Coffee Time exhibition?

The store interior was originally in Hedströms merchants yard on Norra Storgatan street in central Helsingborg. The store operated from 1858 until 1963 and that was where the people of Helsingborg and farmers from north-west Skåne and Halland purchased everything from seeds to salt, sugar, coffee and fabrics. You could also buy beer and wine at Hedströms until 1917.

The yard was torn down in 1962 to be replaced with a department store including roof parking. The interior from the store was moved to the town quarter at Fredriksdal. Hedströms general store is open during the season as well as when there are Christmas activities.

Telephone Hedströms: 0046-42-14 62 67