The French park

The leafy walkways in the French park contribute to a magical atmosphere, with the hornbeams forming truly majestic halls.

The French park, which is nearest to the manor, is typical of 18th century Sweden. Parks then were often designed in strict, geometrical patterns. Growth was pruned back vigorously and sculpted. The park has clear traces of what is characteristic of Baroque gardens. This French style of garden developed during the 17th century when it was Nature that was adapted to Man, not vice versa. The design was meant to express the landowner’s riches and power over Nature. The hedges and the walkways are mainly of hornbeam, which were probably planted when the manor was built in 1787.

The paths and hedges frame the lawns, the garden in front of the manor, and the tree rooms. The central perspective – the view from the manor across to the strait of Öresund – is unfortunately a thing of the past. Fredriksdal no longer lies like a summer residence at the edge of Helsingborg but is now a lush oasis surrounded by the buildings of the town.