The Graphic Museum

The biggest active printing museum in the Nordic region can be found in Fredriksdal’s town quarter.

Come and experience the history of the art of printing. Visit their shop, with their own printed postcards, paper napkins and much more. More information at


Surface outside: flagstones

Access door on the south side along the pavement: width 95 cm, threshold 4 cm.
Ring the Graphic Museum 0046-42-10 45 24 for help with door.

Access lift platform behind door: width 85 cm, depth 130 cm.
Help with door into lift. Lift control inside and outside lift.

Lift to exhibition and assembly room: width 88 cm, depth 120 cm.

Door to assembly room: width 93 cm, passage from stairway width 85 cm.

Note: there is a spacious disabled toilet.