The kitchen garden

A unique kitchen garden with a wide diversity of cultural-historical vegetables. Legumes, leaf and root vegetables whose shapes, colours, smells and tastes never cease to fascinate.

The kitchen garden at Fredriksdal has been recreated in accordance with the style typical of the 1850s. The simple, functional design has its origins in the Renaissance gardens of the Vasa palaces – a style that has lived on in the utility gardens of many manor houses for that very reason, that it has worked so well.

The kitchen garden is part of our cultural heritage. In past times, the garden’s main purpose was to provide the farm households with fruit, veg and berries. The farm was ment to be self-supporting. The first fruit trees in the kitchen garden were planted as far back as 1845.

Visiting Fredriksdal’s kitchen garden is like making a culinary journey back in time to the mid-19th century. There are fruits and vegetables in all the colours, shapes and tastes of long ago. Everything in the garden is grown organically, without pesticides. Crop rotation – not growing the same crop in the same place year after year – is very important. This means that soil fatigue and different kinds of plant diseases can be avoided. Each year, compost and manure, which comes from the native breeds here, are added to the soil. After the growing season, the beds are dug over by hand before winter sets in.