The Rosarium

Close your eyes and imagine the scent of hundreds of different kinds of roses.

The first ones start blooming in Fredriksdal’s rosarium in May but July is the main month and the more modern roses often continue blooming right into late autumn. If you visit the rosarium in early autumn, you can also admire the beautiful rose hips of the wild varieties, in all their different shapes and colours. They can be round, pear-shaped, hedgehog-like, green, orange, brown and even black. Later on you might see the last rose of the season, eye-catching in its lonely beauty. Both old-fashioned and modern varieties of roses fill the rose garden. Some of the oldest ones are living antiquities and the “Mummy Rose” was cultivated as far back as 2000 years ago. The name indicates that this variety was found in a floral wreath during the excavation of an Egyptian grave dating from 100 AD.